2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 7 Semester Computer science & engineering "Real Time Systems" question paper

Question Paper Details:

Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject: Real Time Systems
Exam Year: January 2010
Year or Semester: Fourth year/ Seventh Semester
Paper Code: 7E4098


a)      What is the use of bandwidth demand in signal processing system? Explain radar signal processing system. [Marks 10]
b)      Define the tardiness of the job. How it affect the soft and hard real time jobs. [Marks 6]

a)      Explain precedence graph and data dependency with suitable example. [Marks 10
b)      A system contain three tasks and execution times of three periodic tasks are 1, 2 and 3, and their periods are 3, 4 and 10. Give the answer of the following:
i)                    Individual utilization of tasks
ii)                   Total utilization. [Marks 6]

a)      Describe weighted round robin approach to real time scheduling. [Marks 8]
b)      How can you improve the average response time of aperiodic jobs. [Marks 8]

a)      What is on line scheduler? How it is different from off line scheduler. Explain overheads in on line scheduling techniques. [Marks 10]
b)      Consider the following three periodic real time tasks to be scheduled using EDF on a uniprocessor T1=(e1=10, p1=20).
T2=(e2=5, p2=50), T3=(e3=10, p3=35). Determine whether the task set is schedulable. [Marks 6]

a)      Explain basic priority ceiling protocol and differentiate it with priority inheritance protocol. [Marks 8]
b)      What is priority inversion, how it is related to critical section? Explain the priority inheritance protocol for task execution. [Marks 8]

a)      Explain priority and preemption ceiling protocols for multiple unit resources with example. [Marks 8]
b)      Explain the use of the basic priority ceiling protocol in an EDF system with example. [Marks 8]

a)      Explain the inter processor communication architectures. [Marks 8]
b)      Explain multiprocessor priority ceiling protocol (MPCP) with example. [Marks 8]
Write short notes on :
a)      Schedulability of fixed priority end to end periodic tasks. [Marks 8]
b)      Distance constraint monotonic (DCM) algorithm. [Marks 8]

a)      Explain real time communication model. [Marks 8]
b)      Discuss different issues in resource reservation in real time communications. [Marks 8]

a)      Explain frame based weighted fair queuing used in priority based service disciplines for switched networks. [Marks 8[
b)      Write short note on real time operating system. [Marks 8]

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