2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 6 Semester Computer science & engineering "Computer Networks" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject Computer Networks
Exam Year:  June 2010
Year or Semester: Third year/ Sixth Semester

Paper Code: 6E3015

1    a)      Briefly explain services and protocols of layers of OSI protocol hierarchy. [Marks 8]
b)      Explain major classes of guided media. What is the purpose of cladding in optical fiber? [Marks 8]
a)      Describe hardware and software issues in Internetworking. [Marks 8]
b)      Write short note on:
i)                    Internetworking devices.
ii)                   Internet backbone.                         [Marks 8]
2    a)      Explain e-mail architecture along with its main components. [Marks 8]
b)      What is DNS? Why it is required?  When a DNS server receives a request, what are the possible action that it can take? [Marks 8]
a)      Describe the steps involved when a web browser requests for and obtains a web page from a web server. Why HTTP is known as stateless protocol? [Marks 8]
b)      Write any for HTTP and FTP commands with syntax and suitable illustrations. [Marks 8]
Unit- III
3 a)      Explain three multiplexing techniques. Distinguish between multilevel TDM, multiple shot TDM and pulse-stuffed TDM. [Marks 8]
b)      Differentiate between ports and sockets in context of TCP & IP protocols. [Marks 8]
a)      Discuss broad level function of TCP. How does three way handshake for creating a TCP connection work? [Marks 8]
b)      What features make TCP reliable? Explain the frame format and purpose of various fields of TCP packet format. [Marks 8]
Unit-IV4 a)      Briefly describe subnetting and supernetting . How do they differ from a default mask in class full addressing? [Marks 8]
b)      Briefly explain the following:
i)                    NCP & LCP
ii)                   Link state Routing                    [Marks 8]
a)      Write a detailed note on tunneling strategy and fragmentation. [Marks 8[
b)      Compare and contrast the fields of jpv4 and jpv6 datagram format. [Marks 8]
5 a)      What is SONET? Explain the functions of its various layers with suitable diagrams. [Marks 8]
b)      What is virtual tributary? What are its various types? [Marks 8]
a)      Explain physical configuration of SONET devices. What is relationship between SONET and SDH? [Marks 8]
b)      What is relationship between STS signals and OC signals? [Marks 8]
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