2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 7 Semester Computer science & engineering "Data Mining and Warehousing" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject: Data Mining and Warehousing
Exam Year: January 2010
Year or Semester: Fourth year/ Seventh Semester
Paper Code: 7E4092


a) Describe the major elements of data mining. [Marks 8]
b) Explain the term missing value. Noisy data and data cleaning. [Marks 8]


a) What is data integration and transformation? Explain with example. [Marks 10]
b) Explain data cube aggregation in brief. [Marks 8]


a) What is mining association rule? Explain. [Marks 8]
b) Describe technique to improve efficiency of mining association rules. [Marks 8]


a) Explain in brief the measure of central tendency. [Marks 4]
b) Explain Apriori algorithm with an example. [Marks 12]


Explain Gaussiall Bayes classifiers in detail. [Marks 16]


a) Differentiate between feed forward and feedback system. [Marks 8]
b) Explain K-Means clustering. [Marks 8]


a) What is data warehousing? Explain. [Marks 8]
b) Write short note on data marting. [Marks 8]


Explain conceptual modeling of data warehouses. [Marks 16]


a) What are the different security issues in data warehousing? [Marks 8]
b) Explain testing data quality using cross footing techniques. [Marks 8]


Write short notes on:
i) OLAP tools. [Marks 8
ii) Backup and recovery with respect to data warehousing. [Marks 8]

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