2011 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 7 Semester Computer science & engineering "Wireless Commnunication and Networks" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject Wireless Communication and Networks
Exam Year:  Nov-Dec 2011
Year or Semester: Fourth year/ Seventh Semester
Paper Code: 7E4238

 a) Discuss the similarities and differences between a conventional cellular system and a satellite based cellular system.  [Marks 8]
b) Explain the concept of frequency Reuse in detail.     [Marks 8]

1. Explain the techniques used for the improvement of coverage and capacity in cellular systems. [Marks 16]


2. a) Consider Global system for Mobile, which is a TDMA/FDD system that uses 25 MHz for forward link. Which is broken into radio channels of 200 KHz. If 8 channels (speech) are supported on a single radio channel, and if no guard band is assumed, find the number of simultaneous usrs that can be accommodated in GSM.    [Marks 5]
  b). Explain the concept of Localization and Calling.    [Marks 7]
  c). Give the System Architecture of GSM.                 [Marks 4]


2. a) If a normal GSM time slot consists of six trailing bits, 8.25 guard bits, 26 training bits, and two traffic bursts of 58 bits of data, find the frame efficiency.       [Marks 8]
   b). Explain the need for specialized MAC in detail.  [Marks 8]

Unit- III
3. a). Give an overview of IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard also give the channelization scheme for IEEE 802.11 b allover the World.  [Marks 10]
   b). Explain MAC Management and functions.   [Marks 6]


3. a). Give the Design goals; advantages and Disadvantages of wireless LAN   [Marks 6]
   b). Explain link Manger protocol in detail also explain L2CAP                      [Marks 6]
  c). Which standards are followed by Bluetooth ? Explain.                              [Marks 4]


4. a). Explain Destination sequenced distance vector routing (DSDV) for mobile Adhoc network.
[Marks 10]
   b). Describe transaction-oriented TCP in detail. [Marks 6]


4. a). Explain Temporary ordered routing algorithm (TORA) for mobile Adhoc network. [Marks 10]
   b). Explain the concept of tunneling and encapsulation       [Marks 6]


5. a). Explain the file systems used in support for mobility in wireless communication  [Marks 8]
   b). Describe wireless session protocol and wireless transaction protocol in detail.   [Marks 8]


5. a). Give the architecture of wireless application protocol also explain wireless data-gram protocol. [Marks 10]
   b). Write short not on push/ pull services.   [Marks 6]

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