2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 3 Semester Computer science & engineering "Object Oriented Programming" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering 
Subject Object Oriented Programming
Exam Year:  February 2010
Year or Semester: Second year/ Third Semester
Paper Code: 3E2074

1. Explain structure as a user defined data type in ‘C’ with the help of suitable example. [Marks 16]


1. a) Explain following with their syntax :
         i) pointer to structure
         ii) parsing structure to function
        iii) array of structure.                      [Marks 4+4+4]
     b) What is the difference between structured programming and object oriented programming? [Marks 4]


2. a) What is constructor? How many types of constructors are in C++? Describe with the help of a suitable example. [Marks 10]
   b) Define followings :
        i) Reference variables in C++
       ii) Static member function
      iii) This pointer.                           [Marks 2*3=6]


2. a) What is friend function? Write a program to swap private data of two classes. [Marks 8]
    b) Differentiate followings:
        i) Objects and classes
        ii) Data abstraction and encapsulation
        iii) Inline function and macro
        iv) Constructor and destructor                [Marks 2*4=8]


3. What is operator overloading? How many arguments are required to overload unary and binary operators, respectively? Define a class string, use overloaded == operator to compare two strings. [Marks 2+2+12=16]


3. a) What is type conversion in C++? How it is achieved in user defined data types? [Marks 8]
    b) What is function overloading? Explain with the help of a suitable example. [Marks 8]


4. What is inheritance? What are the various forms of inheritance? Explain each with the help of examples. [Marks 16]


4. What is polymorphism? How is it achieved at compile time and runtime? Explain both with the help of example. [Marks 16]


5. What is generic programming? How is it implemented in C++? Write a program to implement sorting using templates. [Marks 16]


5. Write short notes on : (any two)
     a) Exception handling
     b) Virtual Base Class
     c) Multiple inheritance. [Marks 2*8=16]

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