2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 6 Semester Computer science & engineering "Advanced Software Engineering " question paper

Question Paper Details:

 University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering 
SubjectAdvanced Software Engineering
Exam Year:  June 2010
Year or Semester: Third year/ Sixth Semester
Paper Code: 6E3020

1   a) Define software configuration management (SCM) and explain some issues related to SCM. Why is SCM required? [Marks 12]
   b) Explain the term “Maintenance side-effects”.  [Marks 4]
a)      What is software quality? Why do we require it? What is the role of software quality assurance in development system? [Marks 12]
b)      Explain software complexity. [Marks 4]
2   A) Explain software testing and the behavioral properties of software testing. [Marks 8]
    B) What do you mean by cyclomatic  complexity? How it useful in generating the test cases. [Marks 8]
a)      Write the functional specifications of an ideal debugger for an object oriented programming language. [Marks 8]
b)      Describe various types of program bugs and explain the debugging process. [Marks 8]
 3.   A) What do you mean by international standards? List any two standards. Differentiate between ISO-9126 and ISO-12207. [Marks 12]
B) Write short note on decision-making. [Marks 4]
a)      What do you mean by leadership? What qualities must a project leader have to lead his team? [Marks 10]
b)      Explain the various roles in the organization structure of software industry. [Marks 6]
4.   A) Explain different types of testing that are used to test web app. [Marks 10]
     B) Explain web e process model. [Marks 6]
a)      How do you judge the quality of a website? Make a list of ten quality attributes that you belive are most important. [Marks 8]
b)      Differentiate Web App design pattern with template. [marks 8]
5.    Describe the general model of software re-engineering. Differentiate between software engineering and software re-engineering. Also differentiate between forward engineering and reverse engineering. [Marks 26]
    What do you mean by CASE tools of CASE environment? Discuss the classification of CASE tools in detail. [Marks 16]