2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 8 Semester Computer science & engineering "Distributed System" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject:  Distributed System
Exam Year:  May/June  2010
Year or Semester: Fourth year/ Eight Semester
Paper Code: 8E4017


1. a) What is distributed system model? Explain challenges of distributed system with examples. [Marks 8]
    b) Define system model and briefly explain about architecture models. [Marks 8]


1. a) Differentiate between logical clock and global clock. Explain vectors clock algorithm with suitable example. [Marks 8]
    b) What is distributed mutual exclusion? Explain Ricart and Agrawala’s algorithm for mutual exclusion, token. [Marks 8]


2. a) What is deadlock? Differentiate between resource and communication deadlock. [Marks 8]
    b) Explain system model for agreement protocols. Briefly explain Byzantine agreement problem with example. [Marks 8]


2. a) Explain deadlock avoidance method and centralized deadlock detection method. [Marks 8]
    b) Classify agreement problems and explain applications of agreement problems. [Marks 8]


3. a) Differentiate between distributed objects and remote objects. Explain distributed objects model with suitable example. [Marks 8]
   b) What is remote procedure call? Explain case study of Sun RPC. [Marks 8]


3. a) What is role of cryptography? Explain cryptography alogrithm with example. [Marks 8]
    b) Design the file service architecture. Explain case study on Sun network file system. [Marks 8]


4. a) What is transactions? Briefly explain about nested transactions. [Marks 8]
    b) Define time stamp ordering in transaction and explain with suitable example. [Marks 8]


4. a) Differentiate between flat and nested distributed transaction. Explain concurrency control in distibuted transaction. [Marks 8]
    b) Briefly explain about system model and group communication for replication. [Marks 8]


5. Write short notes on:
          i) Destination based routing.
         ii) Balanced sliding window protocol.
        iii) APP problem.                                      [Marks 6+5+5]


5. Write short notes on :
         i) Wave and traversal algorithm.
         ii) CORBA RMI.                                    [Marks 8+8]

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