2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech 7 Semester Computer science & engineering "Artificial Intelligence" question paper

Question Paper Details:

University: Rajasthan Technical University
Course: B.Tech Computer science & engineering
Subject: Artificial Intelligence
Exam Year:  January 2010
Year or Semester: Fourth year/ Seventh Semester
Paper Code: 7E4095

    1. a)  Explain simple hill climbing and steepest ascent hill climbing. What are the drawbacks of these strategies and how to deal with these problems? [Marks 14]
b) What is Heuristic function? Give some examples. [Marks 4]
a) Enumerate the missionaries and cannibals problem as mentioned in AI texts. Describe the state space for this problem. Solve this problem by giving its operator sequence. [Marks 10]
b) What are the merits and de-merits of BFS and DFS? [Marks 6]
    2. a) Explain resolution in predicate logic. [Marks 8]
 b) Write Algorithm to convert wff into clause form. [Marks 8]
a)      Discuss the role of knowledge in AI and write the characteristics of knowledge. [Marks 8]
b)      Explain non-monotonic logic and default logic. [Marks 8]
    3. A) Give a suitable representation using a semantic net for the knowledge contained in the follwoig: “The ten years old student Raghav studies mathematics from a smart school teacher called Vinesh.” [Marks 8]
       b)  Explain Fuxxy logic and rule based systems. [Marks 8]
      a)      How probability helps in measuring uncertainty. What are conditional and unconditional probabilities? [Marks 8]
     b)      A problem solving search can procced either forward or backward. What factors determine the choice of direction for a particular problem? [Marks 8]
    4.       a) Explain steps of natural language understanding process. [Marks 8]
           b)       What is Alpha-Beta pruning? Show by a suitable example how Alpha-Beta procedure works. [Marks 8]
         a)      What are the components of planning system? Explain Goal stack planning. [Marks 8]
        b)      Define “Iterative deepening”. Explain the process with suitable example. [Marks 8]

5.    a) Explain different types of artificial neural network architectures. [Marks 8]
    b)       Explain Goal-Driven Reasoning and uncertainty. [Marks 8]
   a)      What is learning? Explain explanation based learning with example. [Marks 8]
   b)      What do you mean by expert system? What are the components of expert system? [Marks 8]

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