Increase Knowledge by Practical’s (Tag line of

“Increase Knowledge by practicals” is tag line of my site In this article  I will explain the importance of Practical knowledge and also explain how we can increase it. And also discuss different fact to differentiate Theoretical knowledge and Practical knowledge.

Practical knowledge

Practicals knowledge and Practical skills is two different things. Practical knowledge is the knowledge in which the we can apply and implement idea using practices (of things) this is also called experience.   But the practical skills is the ability of human from god. Skills is also defined as the ability  to implement theoretical knowledge in real life.

Theoretical knowledge

Theoretical knowledge refers to learning things, concept, principle, information regarding any thing from books, media. Means that the theoretical knowledge is knowledge which is basic knowledge or concept of things.

Practical knowledge is refers to apply that theoretical knowledge in real life scenario.

If both knowledge combined then person become best.

Let’s see the following figure of Practical knowledge vs Theoretical knowledge.

Practical vs Theoretical (both)

Practical vs theoretical, increase knowledge by practicals

So the conclusion is that the both knowledge have importance. So increase your both knowledge practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

What should I do to increase both knowledge?

Ans:  Start from theoretical knowledge and then increase practical knowledge. To increase theoretical knowledge learn things in detailed manner form books, media, and other information resources. For this do not mugging books because of the learn things not mugging them.

And to increase practical knowledge practices on learned things and understand importance of things in real life scenario.

Is this site provide both knowledge about things?

Ans: Yes this site provide both knowledge about things and subjects. This site main motive is to provide both knowledge related to Computer science field.