Why we do analysis of algorithms

In this article we will understand the need of analysis of algorithms. And how to choose better algorithm for particular problem.

As we know that the algorithms is the way to represent the work done by some program, means that the if the algorithm of any tasks then we can easily implement the logic.

An algorithm is the best way to represent the solution of particular problem in very simple way. And also we can also represent the algorithm in any language.  If we have algorithm of any problem then we can implement any problem in any programming language. Means that the algorithm is in-depend on programming language. That’s why we use the algorithm of problems.

Analysis of algorithm is the process of analyze the problem solving capability of the algorithm in terms of time require, size required (size of memory for storage in implementation). But the main concern of analysis of algorithms is the time or performance.  In analysis of algorithm we not considered the specific version of the algorithm for analysis, means that the not considered the implement version of algorithm.  Analysis of algorithm tells us the how complex the algorithm and how much time it’s take to solve the particular problem.

Now the point comes in mind why we do analysis of algorithms.

The answer is the simple. This is because of the analysis of algorithms tells the some interesting thing about the algorithms in terms of performance. If we analyze the performance of the algorithm then we can say that the algorithm user friendliness, modularity, security, maintainability, etc. And also we can predict the speed and problem solving capability of algorithm.

And major reason of analysis of algorithm is if we want to compare performance of two algorithm for solve same problem.

Then we can’t compare in simple manner. Means if we want to compare them then we need to implement them and give input them and compare the speed of there. In this type of comparison if the input is different and condition is different then we can’t compare accurately. So for this we use Asymptotic Analysis. Using asymptotic analysis we can measure the performance of the algorithm in terms of their performance and speed to solve problem.

So the Analysis of algorithm is important for knowing the capability of algorithm. Here capability means it’s problem solving, time to solve, size required.

Analysis also tells the algorithm is better for particular problem, means that we can choose better algorithm.

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