Abstract of the project Bus Reservation System (BRS) in C or C++ programming language

In this post abstract of the project Bus Reservation System (BRS) in C or C++ programming language. Along with the brief introduction to the project.

Project brief:-

In this project the bus reservation system & the other entire task on the bus system application is can done thought Menu based program. The other tasks are as following: – (Here all this things is can done only by administrator user)

        I.            In this project we can add new bus-root
 (Here bus-root means that the where bus is starting and where bus is stop) 
     II.    We can modified existing bus-root 
   III.    We can delete  bus-root 
  IV.      We can add bus-type (Here bus-type means that which type bus is going on journey.
         For example: -1.gold-line, 2.star-line, 3.blue-line, and local-line) 
     V.       We can modified existing bus-type 
  VI.      We can delete bus-type 
VII.     We can change journey charges. (Here charges means that the how many rate apply for per kilometer)
Objective of the project:-
This project is password protected so prevent to illegal use.
And only administrator users can changes in stored data
The local users can registration without password and get ticket
 In this project the all possible features are include just like sitting arrangement is shown to user for selecting which seat is want to reserve for journey and show all bus-root and can search bus-root
Purpose of this project is the made bus-reservation easy and easily handle for bus-transport cooperation system.
Front end &back end:-
In this project only use front end (C & C++).
This project advantages is that the bus-system can handle easily.
Registration is can done easily with advance features just like show all search bus-root and you can select bus-type and no. of seats in shown in bus-sitting  it is same as real bus.
Future enhance:-
In this project many future enhance just like if this project is done on data-base management then it is very useful because of the all possible roots and all registration can stored in storage and if it made on html then can online registration then we can made bus-system online.
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