Easy way to build project in c or c++ programming language

Many student face the problem to build their project in c or c++ programming language. So to solve this problem I will give this article. In this article I will explain easy way to build there project in c or c++ programming language. In you no need to understand the software development life cycle. Means that the software development life cycle is necessary for large or complex project development. If you build small or simple or minor projects then their is no need to understand SDLC (Software development life cycle).

Before start build project in c or c++ you need to understand the programming aspects. Means that the you need the knowledge of programming in c or c++. If you don’t have knowledge about programming then read and practices on programming. Start at choose your project topic. Choice of project topic may depend upon your capability means that the some project is very complex and need expertness in programming. If you beginner then choose simple project topic and start your practices.
After choose project topic collect information about the project. Means that the about background study of project and existence project features and limitation of existence projects.
This is help you to build best project, which solve the existence project limitation. And also you can understand the exact need of your project. If you build project and not useful for practical use then you wast your effort.
Now think about modules of your project. When you think about the module then take paper and pencil and draw a flow chart of your modules and there components. Means that write each module and there components and flow of information.
If you have good knowledge of UML (Unified Modeling Language) then you can build your UML diagrams. UML diagrams is standard designing procedure.After found each module and its components then you can start your programming part.
In this practical implementation of each module and its working in coding.
For efficient programming in c or c++ you can use IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Just like Borland C++. If you use Turbo c or c++ then I will give you procedure by this you can easily code your project.First make a directory of your project code.
and then set your Turbo c as can run using command prompts. read this article to run Turbo c in command prompt.How to run Turbo C or C in my DOS window ( Command Prompt)
This will help you to access each file in your project code directory.
Create each needed file of your project and code accordingly your need. Run each module in individual file because of the if you combined your each module then you can’t detect test working of module.
After code your each module and test each module create a Main file.
This main file is the starting point of your project. This may be a login module of your project. Check flow of your project and code main file accordingly. In main file include each module using include”modulefile.cpp” and important is the comment each module main function and include directory.
You can see snapshot

comment the include section and main function of module
include other c or c++ file in main file of c or cpp program

If you have any problem then feel free and contact me. I will help you.

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