A c++ program for generate log file to track the execution log for SCOTEM

Here I am discuss the a program which is useful in research topic “A State-based Approach to Integration Testing based on UML Models”. This program maintain the execution log file of the program of different situation of program. means that the in this program hole program execution log file is maintained so by this you can find the different test cases and with the help of different test cases you can generate SCOTEM of the UML model and resolve the faults in integration of classes together.
In this article I will give the code of program along with test cases for the program.For this program run the User name is “abcde” and password is “12345”. One point should be remember is that the Answer of first question is ‘A’ and second question answer is ‘B’ and third question answer is ‘C’ and fourth question answer is ‘D’ and fifth question answer is ‘E’. For upgrade you grade press ‘Y’ after each question.

output of maintain execution log file
Command output of turbo c with user input
Log file output of execution log program
Log file generated by program execution

Test cases for this program is as following:-

> id is incorrect….password correct….
> id length incorrect….password correct.,,
> id correct………..password incorrect
> id correct………..string type password.
> id correct………password correct.
> correct first question…..not update grade..
> correct first question…..update grade…..and correct second…..not update grade.
> incorrect first question……..and not update grade……
> incorrect first question…..update grade…..and correct second…..not update grade.
> correct 3 question
> correct each question …..and update grade…..
> incorrect 3 question …..and update grade…….
> incorrect 3 question ……..and not update grade.

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