What is computer science engineering

In this article the definition of computer science & engineering and also the sub-branches of computer science & engineering.
Computer science & engineering is a branch of computer related study and computer science is the study of computer related technology and study of computer application and computer programming.
In computer science we study the each and every aspect of computer and how work computer and programming of computer application and working of computer.
In computer science we study about the inventions of algorithm’s and how the algorithm’s transform the information  and formulate suitable abstractions  to design and model complex system’s and use them in real world application of computer.

Sub branch of computer science & engineering:-
In computer science & engineering has following sub branches
which is as following

  1. Theory of computation
  2. Information and coding theory
  3. Algorithms and data structures
  4. Programming language theory
  5. Formal methods
  6. Concurrent, parallel and distributed systems
  7. Databases and information retrieval
  8. Artificial intelligence
  9. Computer architecture and engineering
  10. Computer graphics and visualization
  11. Computer security and cryptography
  12. Computational science
  13. Information science
  14. Software engineering