A Synopsis On UniqueID Management System ( UNICUS)

In this article the synopsis on UniqueID management system is given and also explanation of Unique Id in india.Topic of the Project:UNICUS: The Identification System

Statement about the Problem:
The biggest Limitations in the existing IDs is that they serve different purpose and the level of cross acceptance of these id minimal.
The person below 18 (age) do not have unique identification. To find information about any person, government department such as police department, CBI, need to gather information manually. For any type of connections such as electric, phone, water supply and for passport / visa, applicant is required to submit their complete documents at respective department. And then respective department verify documents then provide respective facilities.
Background Study:
  We have completely studied Aadhar –project by government of India, UIDAI, for providing identification to the citizen of India and to provide Online authentication using demographic and biometric data.
  An organization or an entity using Aadhar authentication as part of its application to provide services to residents. Example include government department, bank and other public or private organization.
  Aadhar authentication only responds with a “YES/NO” and no personal identity information is returned as part of the response.
  At the time of generating UID, it is checked with existing UID’s in Aadhar database. And if it is already existing then a new UID is generated automatically and checked again to avoid duplicacy.
Propose System:
  In proposed system “UNICUS” authentication responds with specific details depending upon type of user.
  Every time when a new Person is added to the database of UNICUS, the unique id is generated itself for the applicant is an unique. There is no need for the rechecking of that unique id in database.    
The key benefits of Unique Identification are:
  Single standardized Identification document.
  Strength national security and illegal immigration.
  Prevention of tax evasion & Financial saving for Government.
  Facilitates E-governance by providing a better interface between Government and Citizen.
A few factors that direct us to develop a new system are given below:
  Faster System
Why is the particular topic chosen?
The inability to prove identity is one of the biggest barriers preventing the poor from accessing benefits and subsidies. No nationally accepted, verified identity number exists in the country that both the residents and agencies can use with ease and confidence. Different service providers also often have different requirements in the documents they demand from the residents, the forms that require filling out and the information they collect on the individual. Any process that uniquely identifies a resident and ensures instant identity verification would help to reduce transaction costs, transform delivery of a host of social welfare programs and help to eliminate duplicate identities and fraud.
Keeping the above in mind, the Unique Identification number (Unicus) have implemented an idea to make a Unicus project as a means for residents to clearly and uniquely verify their identity anywhere in the country.
Objective and scope of the project:
      The name of the project is “UNICUS”. A UNICUS project as a means for residents to clearly and uniquely verify their identity anywhere in the country.
      UNICUS provide UID which is a universal number.
      UNICUS can be used in any system which needs to establish the identity of a resident and/or provide secure access for the resident to services/benefits offered by the system.
      Agencies and services can contact the UNICUSdatabase from anywhere in the country to confirm a beneficiary’s identity.
Methodology (including a summary of the project):
UNICUS is a JAVA based application, provide a UID ( Unique identification number) to resident. For providing UID the resident is required to fill the registration form and submit necessary documents. And then applicant get UID card.
            Administrator can do following:
      Add new applicant and Update information about applicant
      Add new user as administrator and special_type
      Updation in country database (state,district,city)
Resident User can do following:
      Online reservation
      Apply for visa and passport
      Apply for gas connection
      Apply for phone connection
      Apply for electricity connection
      Apply water supply connection
Special User (CBI,Police,organization) can search and get information about any applicant in the country.