Practical use of c or c++ programs and how to make usable them

This is basic question in programmer mind that the what is the use of there c programs and what is practical use of there c programs. And how to make usable your c programs. This questions encourage me to write this article. In this article you can learn about all the questions above and there solutions.

Many programmer face the problem that the how to make some use of there c or c++ programs. and some of them make very attractive programs but not use of there programs.

At first build your c programs and debugged them and check any problems in your code if yes then correct it and check again. After that compile them using c or c++ compiler. Whenever you compile your c or c++ programs then compiler generates two files.

First one is *.OBJ file and second one is *.EXE file.  These files is used for run your c or c++ programs. The first file *.OBJ file is called the Object file. It is used for linking of your *EXE file with it. Because of the Object file contain the information needed to control your c program and pointer to its buffer, its position indicator and all its state indicators in it.

If your program is small ( means simple application) then you can use your program for your basic need. For this after successful compilation your programs copy your both *.OBJ and *.EXE file and put it where you want to. Just like Quadratic Equation and it’s solution to find roots using c programming language.. To use this program for finding roots of quadratic equation make a shortcut of EXE file on desktop, whenever you need to use this program click on shortcut and use it.

If your programs and group of programs is large application then you can use for better application for you can create a setup just like in windows operating system software is available with installation setup.

For this use many freely available setup creator software. Using setup creator create a setup and link you starting (starting point of application just like login window) *.EXE file to run application and also put it into create shortcut in start menu and desktop. This options is available in setup creator software.  After build setup of your program’s you can distribute your setup to friends and also whenever you need install it and use just like other software in OS.

Main practical use of c or c++ programming language in building system software’s, application software’s, device drivers of devices, embedded software’s, games, compilers, and many other. If you experts in programming of these then you can create your own devices drivers and devices and can use them.