How to create DSN for Access database

In this article how create Data Source Name for Access database in Window’s operating system’s.
DSN for access database is only used for the experiment purpose because the this database not provide efficient and large data storage.  Mainly it is used by student they learn programming with database access.
So let’s see how to create DSN  for access database.
Following step’s is used which is as following:-
Step 1:-
In first step create access database by using Microsoft Office 2003/ Microsoft Office 2007/ Microsoft Office 2010.
and save this access database in c:/ directory.
let’s look in figure

save as window of database created using access of microsoft office
create table figure in access database

Step 2:-
In this step open ODBC Data Source Administrator.
to open ODBC Data Source Administrator first click on “start button” and go to “control panel” and click on “Administrative Tools” in this window click on ODBC Data Source Administrator. which is look’s like

ODBC data source administrator window

Step 3:-
After that click on Add button of ODBC Data Source Administrator window. by clicking this window new window appears title is “Create New Data Source”. select appropriate driver for data source
in this case of Access database selected is shown in diagram

Create new data source window for select driver

after that click on Finish button then again new window open title as “ODBC Microsoft Access Setup”

Step 4:-
In this window enter the Data Source Name in text field
and click on select button and browse the saved database and click on OK button of “Select Database” window

ODBC microsoft access setup window for dsn name

and then again click on OK button of “ODBC Microsoft Access Setup” window.
and again click on OK button of “ODBC Data Source Administrator” window.

Step 5:-
If all the above four step’s complete then the Data Source Name for Access database is created.

For better understand the procedure of creating DSN you can view video tutorial.